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PFT Spare Parts

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The standard material hose is rated for 40 bar pressure and tested up to 3 times the max pressure before failing.

  • 13 mm Rondo for Powercoat
  • 19 mm Rondo for Thin coat renders
  • 25 mm Rondo For all renders & plasters
  • 35 mm for pumping longer distance
  • 50 mm for liquid screeds
  • 65 mm traditional screed
  • Lightweight hoses for latest technology
  • Specialist hoses

Mixing Shaft Plastering Machines. PFT Bionic fitting mixing shafts have been developed to reduce wear at the hauling bracket & top of the mixing shaft.

The PFT range of mixing shafts for our plastering and rendering machines are suitable for all render and plaster products being used in the UK and Europe.

Monocouche renders
Base coat renders
Lightweight plasters
Lightweight renders
Fibre screeds
One coat Renders
Polymer adhesive renders




The Rotor & Stators are often called the PUMP Unit. The rotor inserts into the stator and is secured to the plastering machine. The top part will suck the mixed material into the pump unit and exit it at the bottom, where it is sent along the material hose and out of the spray gun.
The rotor and stator is a wearable part which need to be changed every so often.

By using different Rotors and stators we can change the output on the machine.

The heart of a mixing pump and a feed pump is choosing the right pump unit , also rotor / stator called. The pump unit consists of a screw mantle (stator) and a conveyor screw (rotor).

Overall, there are more than 200 original rotors and stators in a PFT quality and at economical prices. . Our stators are suitable for the pumping systems: A pump, B pump, C pump, D pump, R pump and T pump. The stators differ in design and in the field of application. To all stators, they get the appropriate rotors and, if necessary, the clamp and tie rod. Use our comprehensive article filter to find the right rotor / stator for your PFT machines even more easily.



Spraying guns for plastering and rendering machines.

Short spraying guns for renders

Long Spraying guns for internal plastering

Texturing guns for thin coat rendering

Primer guns gritty primers

Plastering guns for thin coat plasters

Airless guns airless plaster and paint applications

Hopper guns complete texturing units

Parts for spraying guns

Spray caps Nozzles

PFT g4 spare parts

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