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The G4X next generation plastering machine.
Simple technology, superior build quality and friendly,personal back up and support are what makes the pft g4x plastering machine the best spraying machine available for sale in the Turkiye.

The G4X is a mixing pump for renders, plasters and screeds. The design is simple as is operating the plastering pump.

Powered by 415 volt or 230 volt electric power.

The PFT G4X plastering machine is available in several versions to suit individual needs.

PFT G4X Smart, plastering machine is our budget entry level mixing pump. Capable of mixing and spraying up to 35 lts a minute and 50 meters away from the machine. This machine is our most popular choice for UK plasterers.

PFT G4X Standard plastering machine is the original plaster and render pump and is capable of pumping up to 80 lts a minute for screeding. It has a few upgraded features over the smart including the higher output capability and a rubber mixing zone to prevent caking up of the area and make cleaning easier.

PFT G4X switchable 230/415 volt is based on the g4x standard with a built in frequency converter. The G4x switchable can be powered directly from mains electric 240 volt & 415 volt.

PFT G4XL The G4xl is primarily a screed pump. The 7.5 kw motor is capable of pumping screeds over 65 meters away and over 80 liters a minute.

About the G4X

PFT G 4 is a continuous mixing pump for ready-mixed dry mortars suitable for machine use. It can be filled using bagged materials as well as directly from a silo/container using a delivery hood or with an injection hood and the PFT SILOMAT system.

Functioning principle:

The material hopper for holding the ready-mixed material is different from the mixing and pump zones. The dry mortar is dropped into the mixing chamber via the tilted star wheel. PFT G 4 can be started and refilled at any time. The star wheel is driven separately and can be dismantled quickly using a central locking.

Functional principle:

The distillation zone for holding the ready-mixed mortar is different from the mixing and pump zones. The dry mortar is thrown into the mixing chamber via the tilted feed tray. PFT G 4 can be started and refilled at any time. The feed tray is driven separately and can be dismantled quickly using a central locking.

Filling with bagged renders,plasters or screeds:

One for All, all with One. PFT G 4 is the compact, easy-to-transport mixing pump with high-tech engineering, which offers a high delivery rate and large delivery range, and can be combined with the entire range of machines and accessories offered by PFT. Thanks to the low filling height, it is perfectly suited for filling with bagged material. Ideal for using at small and average-sized construction sites.

✔ Interior plaster
✔ Finishing coat
✔ Floor levelling compound
✔ Fine filler
✔ Adhesive / reinforcement mortar
✔ Fire protection mortar
✔ Grouting mortar

Direct filling from silo:

The PFT G 4 mixing pump is designed according to the modular design principle. By using the PFT delivers hood, it can easily and quickly be flange-mounted below any silo/container Well-suited for delivery ranges up to 30 m.

Pneumatic filling with PFT SILOMAT:

Easy, quick and efficient. The PFT SILOMAT discharge vessel can be easily flange-mounted to the silo/container using a couple of grips. The ready-mixed dry mortar is fed to the mixing pump fully automatically and free of dust at the push of a button. The machine is directly placed at the place of use in the process, irrespective of the distance from the silo/container to the usage site. The pneumatic conveying equipment PFT SILOMAT is available in different designs.

What material is the pft g4x plastering machine suitable for

For pumpable ready-mixed dry mortars such as:

Gypsum backing plasters/one coat plasters
Lime-gypsum plasters
Cement plasters and base coats
Lime plasters
Lime-cement plasters
Polymer render materials
Insulating plasters
Recessed mortar
Exterior basecoats
Liquid screeds
Masonry mortar
Premixed mortar
Adhesive coats
Roughcast renders
Insulation materials
… and much more

All the advantages of working with Plastering pumps

A consolidated tube frame withstands large loads easily
Maximum stability due to the frame structure with consolidated wheel support
Safe transport with a forklift truck thanks to the integrated forklift plates
No damage to the fittings and switches since they are protected in the inner contour of the frame
Greater transport safety since there are no protruding plugs
Large control box: excellent ease of maintenance and optimised dust protection
Improved water outlet by tilting the pump and optimum frost protection since the residual water can be drained completely
Can also be delivered as a switchable version FU 230/400 V
Easy exchange of the tap fittings
Smooth operation thanks to large fine filters with a small mesh size
Easy-to-fit mixing tube with the help of the new mixing tube support
Easy cleaning ans maintenance thanks to the optional, interchangeable rubber mixing zone
Safe transport thanks to four holders at one height and the reliable folding mechanism
Large tool box, which is suitable e.g. for supporting the mixing tube cleaner, cleaning shaft and/or spraying gun
Better handling due to two additional grips on the container
Air compressor is automatically secured during transport if transportation is done by a crane
Protecting the air compressor from dirt with the tool box mounted on it and the optionally available splash flaps
The metal cover and optional PVC protective foil protect the fittings from dirt
Integrated fixture for the rotor wrench
Perfectly maintenance friendly thanks to smooth accessibility of the tap fittings and press switches
Safe commissioning of the injection hood as the protective grid can remain in the materials feeding
Better adjustment of the injection hood thanks to the re-designed support
High transport safety thanks to the easily accessible and reinforced lifting brackets
Best protection and transport due to the rotating motor protection frame
Reduction in the dust exposure: subsequent mounting of the optional deflector prevents air from whirling up in the material feeding container
The feed tray nut can be easily opened even after a long period of operation since the thread is protected from dust

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