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PFT Ritmo L Plus 240 volt plastering machine is the new all-rounder for every challenge
The best just got better ! PFT Ritmo L Plus

The PFT Ritmo L Plus is now lighter and easier to move,

The top motor now swings back without the need to lift the whole grill back. This makes it easier to pour ready mixed plaster and render straight in the hopper. There are now a whole new range of accessories to add to this superb, reliable plastering pump.

Choosing the right machine
At PFT Wales we listen to each customers requirement and match the most suitable plastering machine for spraying plasters and renders to the type of work carried out by the potential customer.

When a plasterer requires a plastering machine for small domestic jobs, occasional new builds (the more the better really) extensions or he simply is a small gang of 2 on a building site it will always be the Ritmo L plus we recommend.

We know from experience that they wont need a 110 volt plastering machine, its been proven that 240 volt is the minimum power requirements for a reliable machine that will mix and pump renders to the desired consistency for long periods of time.

110 volt is generally ok for hand power tools, however when it comes to what will likely be the most expensive tool a plasterer will invest in, we can guarantee 240 volt will perform as it does the day you buy it and will last you pretty much the rest of your working days.

Tell me more about the Ritmo Plastering machine
The PFT Ritmo L plus is simply plugged into the mains electric with the power cable supplied, The power cable is connected to the plastering machine along with the water supply hose and its as simple as that ! The Ritmo spray pump is ready to go to work mixing and applying plasters, screeds and renders ! The best plastering machine to use in the UK will automatically mix a bag of material, convey it along the material hose and finally spray it on the wall or pump it on the floor

The PFT Ritmo L plus is a small mixing pump weighing only 125 kg has a built in air compressor that is more than suitable to use with all the jobs that a plastering machine makes more productive. Being only just over a meter tall it takes up no more room than an electric cement mixer on its stand, and can be transported in an estate car with ease.

What else do i need with my Ritmo
PFT Wales budget package is supplied with all you need to take it to a job and start using it.

A water butt will give you 200 + litres of water to work with and water booster pump will ensure the water is delivered to the plastering machine without interruption of the water supply being used by other parties on site

20 mts of material hose is plenty for any job, you can purchase more if required

The Ritmo L plus is available with a few add-ons to change outputs and mixing capabilities, for e.g the ritmo can be used as a plastering pump only just by turning off the water switch and turning the mixing pump into a conveying pump, this is useful for spraying acrylic and silicone renders.

We can also retrofit the famous powercoat kit for skim plastering that can mix and spray ready mixed and bagged skim plasters.

PFT Wales have put together a package for the Ritmo L Plus to take the hard work out of knowing what is needed to get you up and running and more importantly how much you need to spend.

Our standard package for a ritmo L Plus plastering machine package consists of the following.

PFT Ritmo L Plus 230 volt

20 mts material hose and a spray gun

35 mts Power cable

35 mts water hose with geka fittings

Water butt , suction hose and water pressure booster pump

Cleaning hose

Full training at our depot here in Swansea



Working pressure:  max. 20 bar
Conveying capacity: continuously adjustable up to 14 litres / min
Conveying distance : up to 20 m
Motor 230 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz, 2.2 kW, 55 – 475 rpm
Connection cable: BLU 3-16 A | BLU 2-16 A – 25 m
Rotor/Stator: B 4–2 mf
Spraying gun: DN25-360° S10 200 Ewo
Air compressor: COMP R-80, 230 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz, 0.35 kW, 80 l / min
Material outflow : DN25 male part
Material hose: RONDO DN25 – 15 + 5 m
Air hose: DN9 Ewo | Ewo – 16 + 5 m
Mixing tube : Rubber
Operation: Compressor:pressure control .Water pump:water leading key
Hopper content: 45 litres
Dimensions: L / W / H 750 / 600 / 1,340 mm
Filling height: 930 mm
Weight :~125 kg[

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