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PFT HM 2002 continuous mixer

PFT hm2002 Mixer is a continuously mixing machine. The bags are dispatched into the material hopper and the renders or plasters are automatically mixed and pushed out into a tub. The water can be set and the mixing machine only requires the on or off command.

Material is only mixed in the mixing zone and the material hopper can be left overnight with material still in it.

The new PFT rubber mixing tube for all continuous mixers.

Especially suitable for the application of bonding mortar
The material does not adhere permanently
Improved mixing quality
Simple and thorough cleaning
Low wear and tear
Inexpensive wearing parts
Can be retrofitted to previous PFT continuous mixers
Quickly implementation, reliable, efficient, easy handling – the small, handy and economic horizontal screw mixer of PFT.

The small, compact horizontal screw mixer PFT hm2002 for material in bags with alternating current connection.

PFT hm 2002 mixes continuously and fully automatically all dry mortars on lime and cement basis up to a grain size of 4 mm.

The innovative special mixing shaft provides an optimal mixing up with a minimal motor output.

Due to the perfectly situated water inlet there are no cakings and the mixer is almost self-cleaning.

For all kinds of dry mortars up to a grain size of 4 mm

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