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Machine application of smoothing cement that revolutionises interior work.

The proven mixing pump with the revolutionary agitator made of stainless steel/rubber which, for the first time, enables the machine-crushing of lumps to thereby produce a homogenous, sprayable thin-wall plaster (a material that could previously only be mixed by hand with a trowel).

Fields of Application

Interior plastering
Finishing coat
Knifing filler
Levelling compounds
Liquid filling compound
Grouting mortar for door frames
Upgraded insulation
Dispersion paints
Restoration mortar
Advantages at a glance

PFT RITMO M can be used as a pump or a mixing pump, no matter whether you want to fill it out of buckets or bags
It is easy to handle, which saves time during start-up, refitting, maintenance and cleaning
Two water inlets permit flexible mixing intensity – and thus allow the processing of a number of different materials
Conveying and mixing performance can be set, due to the infinitely variable drive
Innovative arrangement of the bag opener as well as low filling height facilitate quick opening and neat emptying of the bagged material
Safety tested by Bauberufsgenossenschaft BBG (Accident Prevention and Insurance Association for the building sector)
The RITMO is small, light, handy, compact and on castors. Can be easily disassembled into its three modules
A completely equipped plastering machine: compressor, hoses, spraying gun – connect and start


Working pressure:  max. 20 bar
Conveying capacity: continuously adjustable up to 14 litres / min
Conveying distance : up to 20 m
Motor 230 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz, 2.2 kW, 55 – 475 rpm
Connection cable: BLU 3-16 A | BLU 2-16 A – 25 m
Rotor/Stator: B 4–2 mf
Spraying gun: DN25-360° S10 200 Ewo
Air compressor: COMP R-80, 230 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz, 0.35 kW, 80 l / min
Material outflow : DN25 male part
Material hose: RONDO DN25 – 15 + 5 m
Air hose: DN9 Ewo | Ewo – 16 + 5 m
Mixing tube : Rubber
Operation: Compressor:pressure control .Water pump:water leading key
Hopper content: 45 litres
Dimensions: L / W / H 750 / 600 / 1,340 mm
Filling height: 930 mm
Weight :~125 kg[

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